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Special Requirements

Your dietary requirement shouldn't mean that you should compromise on your cake and especially on its taste. We have numerous in house recipes that allow us to work around your requirements whilst maintaining the unique taste that our customers crave and come back for. Below you will find the most common ones we work with, when ordering please do specify your/guests dietary requirements (if any).


If you don't see one suitable for yourself/guests please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask if we offer an option that can meet your requirements.




Gluten free is a dietary requirement that excludes "Gluten", this is a mix of proteins found in Wheat, Barley, Rye and Oats. Nut free is a dietary requirement that excludes "Nuts", this is found in ingredients such as Walnut, Hazelnuts, Almonds and more.


Eggless is a common request from our asian customers (specifically Indian). It is down to either their personal choice or culture that restricts them from eating eggs.


Dairy free is a dietary requirement that excludes anything "Dairy", this includes ingredients such as Milk, Yogurt, Cheese and Butter.


Whilst we are in the process of discovering the perfect sugar-free recipe, we offer an option that contains less sugar than the original recipe which is suitable for customers that are on strict sugar diets.


Lactose free is a dietary requirement that has had the "Lactose" from dairy products removed. "Lactose" is found in ingredients such as Milk, Yogurt, Cream, Butter, Ice Cream and Cheese.

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